The Insulated Attic Door

The solid construction is truly an insulated door. With R-16 insulation and a durable, effective weather stripping, "The Insulated Attic Door" provides more effective protection than other similar products. It comes complete, ready for easy installation for the "Do It Yourself" type or can be (read more)

Why our filter differ

Attic & Filter Services, utilizes the Tri-Dek 15/40 filter to make sure we are cleaning your air as much as possible. The filter media of the Tri-Dek 15/40 combines three different medias that are arranged from coarsest to finest to allow particles to be captured throughout the depth of (read more)   Buy Online

Just for Builders/Contractors

The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code or IECC addresses changes to attic access openings to make them more energy efficient. Most cities currently utilize the International Residential Code or IRC, and are expected to adopt the 2009 IECC changes regulating attic access openings. (read more)

Whats In Your Attic?




This revolutionary new design developed by a Certified Residential Energy Inspector addresses the weakest link in your homes insulation. This highly effective door design provides R-16 and combined with an improved seal and added insulation to your homes attic ladder can achieve R-26 or better and dramatically reduce the infiltration of attic dust.





Attic & Filter Services introduces regular filter replacement. No more ladders, no need to go up in your attic because we'll do it for you. Featuring quality filters we provide and change as often as monthly assuring cleaner air to breath and less dusting.

Attic & Filter Services also offers an energy review of your home to determine energy deficiencies around the home with tips to help save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. 

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